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I have never done acupuncture before so I was a bit wary about trying it but Dr. Yeung was very professional and his calm presence put me at ease. I felt a few tiny pinches and before I knew it, I felt great relief in my neck and shoulder where there once was great stress and pain. I also really appreciated the fact that he did a holistic evaluation, even checking my tongue and providing meditation tips to give insight into how I can lead a healthier lifestyle. After this initial experience, I am definitely a believer in acupuncture. Thanks, Dr. Yeung!

C.L., Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain, Stress

I saw Peter to get acupuncture treatment for a sore neck and feeling lethargic. After he diagnosed my situation, the acupuncture sessions became a weekly routine for several months where I was able to fully relax my body and my mind for an hour. After his treatment and Chinese herb suggestions I felt so energetic and in the best physical condition, I had been in for months. I would definitely see Peter again if I had a similar ailment or anything else that I feel cannot be cured with western medicine.

R.R., Neck Pain & Fatigue

I suffer from chronic back and neck pain mainly due to a car accident a year and a half ago. I sought treatment from Peter and he was very thorough and professional, and he asked a lot of questions about where I had pain. After the treatment, I immediately felt an improvement but the true test was the next morning. I usually wake up with a stiff back and I felt great the next day! Also, I didn’t mention this but he noticed I have a bit of stress and did a treatment for that as well. Peter’s great, I’d definitely recommend him.

B.A., Chronic Back Pain, Neck Pain, Stress

A few years ago I had sprained my ankle and was worried it wouldn’t heal in time for my wedding, which was only a month or two down the line then. Peter had offered to try acupuncture on me, letting me know that it would make a world of a difference in making sure I healed fast. It was my first time experience with acupuncture and I felt very nervous. Peter made sure to let me know exactly what he was doing and provided a relaxing environment. I felt like I could trust him with his experience in the matter. I can actually say I was at peace and was comfortable when I had the treatment. Right away, I noticed that the swelling went down drastically the next day. I went back for a few more treatments and within a week, I felt like nothing else I had done before could have made a difference compared to this acupuncture experience for my ankle. Needless to say, I had an awesome firsthand and first time experience with acupuncture and had a great time at my wedding dancing on my perfectly healed ankle!

H.M., Sprained Ankle

I am a long time user of OTC medication for my allergies. Upon doing research for other treatments for alleviating my severe congestion and runny nose, I stumbled upon acupuncture. I met Mr. Yeung for my very first consultation with apprehension and nervousness. But with his initial consultation and background/history about acupuncture, it really eased my anxiety of having acupuncture done on me for the very first time. He first identified the places where he would place the needles. I was very relieved to see Mr. Yeung use sterile wipes to disinfect the areas where he would place the needles. I immediately noticed the relief I felt from my nasal congestion within 5 minutes of the needles being placed around my nose area. He kindly offered to treat me with anxiety and educated me on other ways in where acupuncture can alternatively improve your quality of life. If you have any issues with muscle pain, anywhere on your body, have severe migraines, and or even stress, acupuncture with Mr. Yeung can definitely give you a better way to live life.

H.T., Allergies, Stuffy Nose, Anxiety

I would like to tell all the world of my finding the best acupuncturist! Boy- what a miracle worker. I had been having asthma with horrible coughing, so much that I pretty much was staying home all the time for fear people would freak out if they heard me! I couldn’t sleep well, wasn’t hungry, and the whole thing. My daughter found Peter on Yelp and I called and he saw me right away! He did the needles and asked me quite a few questions about what had been going on. It amazed me how he knew some of the things going on before I even opened up about it. Long story short, with his help and a few herbs, I was free of asthma. Amazing. He is very professional and with humility treats all the things that have been wrong for so long with my health. I even said to him, “So do I have to come here forever?” He said, ”Just as long as you feel the need.” Just perfect, not pushy. I am so happy, I feel like a normal human being again! I would recommend him to anyone with health issues or people that just need a tune-up. He is wonderful!

L.K., Asthma, Fatigue, Cough

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